NEW Report Highlights 98% Muslim Names on FBI Secret Watchlist

New Report Highlights 98% Muslim Names on FBI Secret Watchlist

The report released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) highlights significant concerns regarding the FBI’s watchlist, revealing that more than 98% of entries are Muslim names. The report emphasizes that the Terrorism Screening Database, which the FBI employs, disproportionately targets Muslims. CAIR conducted an extensive analysis of over 1.5 million entries, finding that a vast number of names on the list are some transliteration of Mohamed, Ali, Mahmoud, or other Muslim names.

They estimate that over 1.47 million entries, or over 98% of the total, pertain to Muslims. The report emphasizes the negative impact the secret watchlist has had on the Muslim community, including travel restrictions, encounters with law enforcement, professional consequences, and limited access to government buildings. It also warns that the watchlist may shift its focus to other groups in the future and calls upon President Joe Biden to address this issue.

The incident involving Mayor Mohamed Khairullah being disinvited from the White House’s Eid al-Fitr celebration due to his watchlist status further exemplifies the challenges faced by individuals on the list.

Source (Anadolu Agency)